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Why Partner With Us?

A sound process is key to finding and securing top talent.  After over two decades of experience and thousands of successfully completed searches, not only do we know how to find and recruit talent, but we also use our certified practices to help you achieve superior results during the interview, hiring, and onboarding phases.  Consisting of five phases and fifteen steps, our proven process is fast and efficient.

Our Search Process and How We Work With You

Phase 1 – Initialize the Search

Step 1: We develop and define requirements for the search

It is vital that we have your complete commitment to the process at the start of the relationship.  We will meet with you (either in person or over the phone) to take an in-depth Needs Analysis Profile (NAP). This will cover position requirements, urgency, roles & responsibilities, attributes, skill-sets, accountabilities, benefits, and compensation.  We will define what an “A” player means to your organization and ask key questions to fully understand your company mission, culture, organizational structure, market position, etc. This type of detail ensures that we find the very best players in the market quickly and efficiently.  We will also set parameters around the interview process and timeframe.  It is important that both parties maintain open and transparent communication during all stages of this process.

Step 2: We brief our team and create a search strategy

Each member of the search team is oriented to the agreed-upon objectives of the project and the information gathered in the NAP.  We create a comprehensive search plan including:

  • Composeing a job description based on the information you have provided us regarding the position
  • Identifying competitive organizations that would have the type of talent you require and creating a Target List of those competitors to source from
  • Compiling a targeted list of other sources most likely to identify appropriate candidates.  These sources may include our database, online websites, sourcing, and name gathering calls, or even preexisting industry or executive contacts within our network
  • Developing a recruiting presentation that establishes an accurate employer brand while representing your company and key characteristics about the opportunity.  This presentation will address the elements that are most important to you about the position and is designed to ensure that we attract and introduce the “right fit” candidates.

Phase 2 – Implement the search

Step 1: We identify potential candidates

The search team takes your message to market, contacting targeted candidates on our source list.  In order to execute this stage we use a wide array of tools aside from our own, including industry specific databases, social media, and other available technologies and venues. We reach out to those contacts utilizing extensive telephone calling efforts, email campaigns, and advertising.

Step 2: We interview and qualify candidates

We will further assess each candidate’s credentials, motivations, career objectives and achievements based upon the requirements you provided at the initial phase.  To fully vet our candidates, we implement a rigorous interview process during which time we will thoroughly qualify the candidates’ compensation, skills, accomplishments, etc. before presenting them to you. 


Phase 3 – Select the Candidates

Step 1: We present a list of candidates

Within 2 to 3 weeks, we will verbally present you with a group of potential candidates summarizing the important information we collected. 

Step 2: We manage the client/candidate interviews

We will assist with the coordination of the interview process, including pre- and post-interview briefings with both the candidate and the hiring authority. It is important that you provide us with open and honest feedback at all times as we continue to work hard bringing you worthy candidates that fit your criteria. 

Step 3: We help you select the final candidates

We will consult with you to narrow down the candidates into a “short list”.  Throughout the process, we will constanatly be addressing any issues that may cause a roadblock.   

Step 4: We check references

We will conduct in-depth professional references abd obtain verification of any pertinent education and/or licenses listed on the resume that are required for the position.  We consult with a number of different contacts including supervisors, peers, customers, and direct reports in order to perform a comprehensive professional reference.

Step 5: We conduct pre-offer preparation

We will reconfirm compensation requirements, address the possibilities of a counteroffer, and verify the start date availability with the candidate.  We will also confirm the candidate’s commitment to the opportunity to ensure that if the offer is extended, it will be accepted. 

Phase 4 – Extend the Offer and Close the Deal

Step 1: We present the offer to the candidate

Initially, we will present all the components of the offer on an informal basis including: compensations (bonus, commission structure, stock, etc.), benefits, title, reporting structure and start date. When the candidate has verbally indicated their willingness to accept the offer we will advise you to formalize the offer in writing.

Step 2: We facilitate any negotiation

Keeping your and the candidate’s best interests in mind, we strive to assist in secureing the final agreement of terms. 

Step 3: We receive a formal acceptance of the offer

After obtaining a signed offer letter, we then will help manage the candidate’s resignation process, including: written and verbal notice, counteroffer avoidance, etc.  Additionally, we will work with both you and the candidate if any relocation assistance is needed.

Step 4: We follow up with your new hire

We track the progress of the candidate’s resignation through his or her first day of employment with you.

Phase 5 – Follow up After the Placement

Step 1: We continue to follow up with both you and the new hire

We will contact both you and the candidate on the candidate’s first day, two weeks after the start date, and 30 days after the start date to ensure successful integration into the new corporate environment and to address any additional concerns.

Step 2: We help resolve issues if necessary

If there are any issues, our team will work diligently with you and the candidate to resolve the complications together.

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