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Fee Structure

We Believe Our Company is an Extension of Yours

A candidate’s first impression of your company often comes from us so we take genuine care to fully develop a comprehensive picture of your organization’s unique culture and needs.  We only present candidates to you after we have carefully screened them and determined that they could be an excellent fit.

In order to provide you with the highest level of service, we take the necessary time to get to know your specific needs and become thoroughly familiar with your company, people, product, work environment and expectations.  In order to accomplish this we only work with a few select companies at a time. 

We Give You Choices

We understand that each client and position is unique and that your hiring needs and priorities are ever-evolving.  Our Account Managers will work closely with you to determine your specific need and suggest the appropriate solution to your staffing problem.  We’re flexible and offer a variety of services to help you meet your objectives.  The following are the types of contracts we offer:


You are our top priority.  This plan works best for critical need situations, or for sensitive cases in which confidentiality is of the utmost priority.  We’ll become your primary recruiting resource, dedicating manpower exclusively to your search, keeping you thoroughly informed throughout the process, and working closely with you until we find you the winning candidate.  The most common breakdown for a Retained search is:

  • 1/3 of fee paid upon commencement of the assignment
  • 1/3 after 1 month or upon presentation of a short list of candidates
  • 1/3 upon completion of the search


The next highest in priority is an Engaged search which takes precedence over all contingency searches.  It involves a monetary commitment from you, which allows us to dedicate time and resources to solve your staffing problem.  You pay us a pre-negotiated fee upfront when we initiate the search with the remainder due when the candidate joins your company. 


Contingency searches are best for ongoing openings that aren’t urgent, but the utilization of a particular profile or skill set is constant.  We’ll refer candidates who most closely match your requirements and if you hire someone we’ve presented, then our fee is based on a percentage of the candidate’s first year salary.  If you hire someone through another source, no fee is due. 

For more detailed information regarding the above search options and the services we offer with each, click here to get the process started.

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