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Raising Your Questions

  • Make a list of information that you need to know about the organization and the position in order to make an informed decision if the position is offered to you.  Include information that you need in order to discuss the position intelligently.
  • Establish a priority list for your questions.
  • Review the list before your interview, together with any information that you have gathered, so that everything is fresh in your mind (particularly if you have more than one interview scheduled that day).
  • Take your cues from the interviewer and follow the topics introduced.  When discussing the organization’s management, for example, do not bring up questions about the position’s location at headquarters.
  • Interviewers want to hear intelligent, well thought out questions that show you are interested in your own future and job security.
  • Gear your questions for your audience.  General questions are best for the HR department to answer.  Specific details about the position and day-to-day operations are ideal for the manager.
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