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Candidate Services

How We Advance Your Career

Our professional Account Managers help you meet your career goal and advance in the right environment, culture and company. We provide extensive industry knowledge that can help you with career choices. Because we are specialists and have relationships with key contacts in our industry, we can help connect you with leading companies in your industry. We provide career consulting and counseling.  We are dedicated to helping you find the right opportunity that will enhance your career and your life for many years to come.

How We Work

Because we know you take changing careers seriously, so do we. That is why we spend the time getting to know not only you, but your personal and professional goals as well. We work with you confidentially. We work with you confidentially, your information is never shared or revealed without your prior consent. After we have gotten to know you, we will look for opportunities and call you to discuss them, providing you with information about the company, management team, and compensation. Then it would be up to you to decide whether you would like to explore this opportunity confidentially, with our help. If you choose to do so, we will give you resume tips to create a winning resume and coach you through the interviewing process to ensure that you put your best foot forward.

It is in our best interests to drive the process forward, receive timely feedback, and make sure you are well-prepared and informed throughout the entire process. We help negotiate the best offer possible.  In addition, we will help you get through the resignation and potential counteroffer gracefully so that you may resign from your current job without burning any bridges. We can even help you get connected with relocation experts through our Relocation Assistance Program if need be. There is no cost for these extra services as we are engaged by the employers to assist them with their staffing needs. Moreover, we will wholeheartedly negotiate the best offer possible on your behalf.

Who We Place 

Within our industry specialties, we work with executives, managers, and highly-skilled professionals throughout the US, as well as those located internationally. In the over twenty years we have been in business, we have successfully placed top candidates in positions ranging from Branch Managers to Chief Executive Officers.

Practice Specialization and Job Search 

At Management Recruiters of Berkeley, we specialize in the following industries. Click on the link for your industry to find the latest job postings and news:

How to Submit Your Resume

Getting started with us is simple.  If you're ready to improve your life and your career, submit your resume for us to review.

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